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Ionmax ION632

Ionmax ION632

Product Review (submitted on 19 May 2014):
This unit has been a lifesaver since I bought it. Desperate for a dehumidifier I bought the Choice review on dehumidifiers, saw this was rated #1. After a few phone calls and emails to different stores, confirmed that this was indeed the 'best choice' and after finding the cheapest price online, bought it! It has since removed the nasty mould and condensation problem in my apartment!

This unit is also super efficient. I leave it outside my bathroom door which is also near my bedroom door, and at night it also acts as a heater during winter. Really really handy. Not too noisy, it's just the same noise level as my fan. It's energy efficient as well, has some preset modes and turns itself off once it's done 'dehumidifying' the air. I connect it to the drainage hole in the laundry area so I don't have to keep track of the tank. After a couple of hours I find that it has removed the moisture from my bathroom, and also my living area where there used to be a lot of condensation and mould on the windows!

Had a slight problem with the company when I first got the product but that was incredibly quickly fixed with a phone call to the company I bought it from, and the manufacturer called me right after to fix the problem and even registered my warranty for me.

Overall such a good experience and loving the product. I used it a lot during winter and now am finding it useful as the months get colder.