Dr. Cameron Jones Endorses Ionmax Air Quality Products


Dr Cameron Jones Endorses Ionmax


"Why I Endorse the Andatech Health and Wellness Products"

As a scientist I’m always on the lookout for products that integrate proven scientific principles. The Health and Wellness range by Andatech can help you achieve a healthier indoor living environment.

By way of background, air pollution from outdoor and indoor sources is the number one environmental risk to health on a global scale. The World Health Organisation reports that over 6 million premature deaths are caused by air pollution each year. Alarmingly, household air pollution together with indoor mould and dampness impacts on 44% of the population worldwide, and these are just the preventable risks attributable to the environment1-4.

Andatech make a range of air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and aroma diffusers. From a public health perspective, I endorse their Health and Wellness range because there are situations and conditions where environmental health interventions can make significant contributions to improved indoor air quality.

Portable air cleaners like the Ionmax range of air purifiers should be leading the way in terms of a public health response to pollution events. This is because, air filtration is recommended as an active environmental control step for persons with allergic respiratory disease. We know that high efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) can significantly lower indoor concentrations of fine particulate matter which in turn will improve respiratory and cardiovascular outcomes, and reduce hospital admissions.

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HEPA air filters can reduce indoor mould levels by close to 40%. Installing portable air cleaners in the homes of older adults has been shown to reduce the levels of hazardous indoor particles by up to 60%. In children with asthma, installing a single free standing HEPA air filter into the bedroom has been shown to reduce particulate matter concentrations by up to 80%. The effectiveness of HEPA filters to reduce indoor fungal spore counts is also well established.

"...air filtration is recommended as an active environmental control step for persons with allergic respiratory disease."

The costs associated with active air purifiers are more than offset by significant decreases in the risk of transmission of infectious diseases by removing droplets and unwanted particulates on a room-by-room basis.

Research has even shown that improving air quality using activated carbon filters leads to a better environment for embryo culture by removing noxious odours called VOC’s and reducing pathogens from the air. This led to improved embryo development and better IVF outcomes. These results show that better air helps increase pregnancy and implantation rates.

The effects of exposure to air ions are still a matter of debate, but there is evidence that negative air ionization is associated with lower depressions scores, experience of more pleasant feelings and improvements in cognitive performance.

Sometimes the built environment can show excess humidity, which over time can lead to mould growth. The Andatech range of dehumidifiers allows for localized control in problem areas. By removing excess moisture, you reduce conditions that lead to mould growth, and that can only be a good thing in rooms and wardrobes that may suffer from dampness.

Conversely, if indoor humidity is too low indoors, then other problems occur. Research shows that using a humidifier improves sleep time between 11-19% and reduces influenza virus survival by 18-30%. At home humidification is a simple intervention accessible to most households.

Infection control is also of major concern in our post-antibiotic era. Emerging research into the vapour-phase antifungal and antibacterial activity of some essential oils is increasingly being reported. I’m excited by the Andatech range of aroma diffusers that bring this approach out of the literature and into the home.

Increasing access to the Health and Wellness range should enable greater control of the micro environment in the home. I see the use of these products as equivalent to an active in-home personal health intervention. This is an important first step towards taking ownership of health and wellness by creating conditions that favor the optimized healthy home through choice.


Dr. Cameron Jones, PhD.

May 14th 2017


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Dr Cameron Jones

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Dr. Cameron Jones, PhD is an expert in mycology/microbiology, indoor air quality and environmental health. He's the founding CEO of Biological Health Services, which is an environmental testing lab and consultancy. In addition to that, he spent 17 years at Swinburne University of Technology as an academic working in different Departments and Centres that spanned R&D and teaching across applied microbiology, biotechnology, environmental health, mathematics, statistics and design. Dr Jones has published over 80 peer reviewed papers and conference proceedings and over 2400+ technical reports on air quality and microbial pathogens in the built environment. His expertise in infection control, mycological/microbiological and indoor air quality assessments makes him a truly valued partner of Ionmax in helping us constantly improve and develop new air quality products.